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[Goods pre-order] NEWS "WHITE" Concert 2015

This is not our usual post, no subbed videos will be shared tonight.. Sorry :p
We just want to announce that...
We are opening Pre-Order for NEWS "WHITE" Concert's Goods!

It's only for people live in Indonesia though, some people are going to attend WHITE concert and willing to get our orders! Here are the prices:

  1. Pamphlet - Rp 345.000

  2. Uchiwa (individual member) - Rp 150.000 (includes: packaging box)

  3. Poster (group/individual member) - Rp 160.000 (includes: tube)

  4. Clearfile (group/individual member) - Rp 125.000

  5. T-shirt - Rp 470.000

  6. Sports Towel - Rp 315.000

  7. Totebag - Rp 290.000

  8. Calender - Rp 290.000

  9. Stationary Set - Rp 235.000

  10. Pouch - Rp 190.000

  11. Slipper Rp. 235.000

  12. Photoset (group/individual member) - Rp 125.000

  13. Penlight (lightstick) - Rp 260.000 (includes: bubble wrap packaging)

  14. NEWS  (whole group) - NOT FOR SALE! They're not goods!

  15. NEWS  (individual member) - ALSO NOT FOR SALE! Please stop dreaming!

P.S. All prices already include shipping fee from Japan to Jakarta, but exclude shipping (ongkir) from Jakarta to your address.

  1. Fill the form and send it directly to this LINE ID: dewish_dayo setsunavie (LINE > Add Friends > Search by ID) or email: dewimassu[at]gmail[dot]com or TWITTER ID: @setsunavie.

  2. If your order has been accepted (wait for Setsu's reply), please do your payment.

  3. Payment process will be explained by Setsu.

  4. Tell Setsu after you pay, don't forget to send her the proof.

  5. Both order and payment must be done until April 28th 2015.

  6. Your payment will be refunded (100%) if your ordered goods are not available.

  7. All orders will be processed after all the payments have been paid.

Announcement in Bahasa Indonesia | PREVIEW (Thanks to Quntastic 4)

You can ask on the comment section below, or in our twitter (@NEWS4_INA), or directly to dewish_dayo setsunavie in LINE.
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